Automated Inspections

Perfex offers integrated and automated optical inspection solutions developed on a case by case basis to best meet the needs of each individual client.

These solutions combine optical components, image analysis and robotics. They are the answer to an ever-growing need for data and they provide an opportunity to go further by analyzing, storing or sharing the produced images.

inspection optique automatisée

Example 1

Rather than continuing to manufacture and sell products based on an economically competitive model, our client, a mechanical manufacturer, has chosen to sell a level of service. To achieve this, it was necessary to invest and modernize. This metamorphosis immediately met with commercial success because he could then respond more globally to the problems of his customers.

Perfex took its share in this ambitious project by providing an innovative inspection robot capable of identifying micron faults within seconds and discarding faulty parts. A machine capable of inviolable marking of the retained parts has also been integrated. Subsequently, a second set was delivered to follow the evolution of sales.

Example 2

Another customer specializing in the inspection of large vertical surfaces was looking for a stand-alone solution (not connected to the grid) that would free him up from the constraints of collaborating with third-party companies but also able to reduce the time and cost required for each inspection.

We then provided him with a customized tool, combining optical and computer technologies, able to detect defects of the order of the centimeter from 200m distance. He can now quickly scan the area that needs to be inspected and take snapshots of areas of interest but he can also automatically scan the entire area for the purpose of keeping them for future comparison. We were then led to adapt this technology to a similar area: wind turbines inspection.

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