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Imaging Service :

Outsource your imaging needs

With a rich experience of 20 years in the field of digital imaging microscopy, Perfex is now able to bring you its expertise and technical resources.

Many organizations and companies now face specific needs for which investing in an optical instrument is disproportionate compared to its frequency of use. Perfex has therefore set up a set of professional services to let you to benefit from our equipments and skills at a reasonable cost, more in line with your needs.

3D Imaging
Bright field
Dark field
2D Mesures
Roughness measurement
Images tiling

The Benefits :

Save time

Using a microscope usually involves some significant set-up time followed by the time necessary for the observations and image captures. Some extra time is often also necessary to familiarize oneself with the device because it is infrequently used. These long and sometimes tedious operations prevent you from practicing your trade. By taking over the microscopic information capture phase, Perfex lets you focus on the core of your job.

Save money

Most companies or research organizations do not make intensive use of the microscopy equipment they possess. These facilities are rarely profitable and represent a share of the budget that could have been used elsewhere. By using the Perfex imaging service, you get the images you need for a fraction of the price you would have spent buying the equipment you need.

Cutting-edge equipment

It is often necessary to use a microscopy device for a long time to make its purchase cost-effective, even after it has been rendered obsolete by more efficient or better adapted devices. Thanks to our constantly updated equipments, you are sure to benefit from the latest technological advances for the observation of your samples.

How it works :

Assessing your need

The first step is always to study the extent of your need together. Our team then offers you the most appropriate technical solution and we reach an agreement on the exact nature of the service, as well as the technical details and the schedule.

Service delivery

You send us the samples and, upon receipt, our technical team makes the observations and analysis that were agreed upon. We will then send you the captured images by e-mail as soon as possible. We can also welcome you at our premises.

The follow-up

We will return your samples, if you requested it, otherwise we will destroy them to ensure the confidentiality of your results. On the contrary, we can also store your samples and your images as part, for example, of an overtime monitoring of the evolution of your processes.

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An example

During one of his campaigns, one of our botanist clients was confronted with the following problem: Various species of the genus Portulaca (Pourpier - Portulacaceae) had been harvested on the Scattered Islands (a set of French Islands located in the Indian Ocean around Madagascar) during previous missions. It is a particularly complex botanical genus to identify because one cannot rely on the morphological traits visible to the naked eye, the only really informative organ being its seed which is about one millimeter big.

In order to clarify the identification of these plants in the Scattered Islands, our client undertook the following work: The first step was taking photographs of all the seed batches harvested on the Scattered Islands (31 samples). Additionally to the images taken by the scientist himself using a stereo-microscope (45x magnification), our imaging service produced another series of pictures using our opto-digital microscope (260x, 290x and 900x magnification). The seeds were sent to us and we took a series of shots using a HDS-5800 Huvitz microscope according to our client's instructions. These particularly spectacular digital images, taken from the upper lateral surface of the seeds, highlight the general shape and dimensions of the seed, but also the cells of the lateral faces which are the most common discriminating character for this genus. The analysis are currently under way and should lead to the publication of a scientific article.

grain de pourpier des iles eparses
PORTULACA SP. SEED (LES GLORIEUSES), 900x Magnification - 3D, opto-digital photo made with HUVITZ microscope

Other examples

Dark red plastic samples
Examination of plastic samples of the order of a millimeter
Particle sizes
Measurement of fine particles of the order of a hundred micrometers
Contaminants on a metal surface
Search for contaminants on a metal surface (of the order of a ten micrometers)

The optical experience