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Partnership with Jenoptik


Perfex is proud to announce its collaboration with the manufacturer Jenoptik. We are pleased to offer a complete range of microscopy cameras from this renowned German manufacturer. As of now, these high-precision devices using the latest technologies are available in our catalog. You can find them in the section of our site dedicated to cameras.

October 18~20th 2016 : SIANE Show

SIANE 2016

This year again, PERFEX was attending the SIANE exhibition in Toulouse. It was the occasion to make new contacts foreshadowing future collaborations, but also to meet up with our partners and strengthen our links. We have been able to confirm that microscopy still plays an important role in the industry, whether through the use of dedicated optical solutions or by the use of off-site point services. The entire PERFEX team will meet you in 2017 for a new edition that we hope will be as successful as this year.


Oct. 18~20th, 2016 SIANE show, Toulouse
Sept. 29th, 2016 Mecanic Vallée Show, Brive
Oct. 20~22cd, 2015 SIANE show, Toulouse SIANE 2015, Stand Perfex
Oct. 1st, 2015 Mecanic Vallée Show, Figeac Mecanic Vallée, stand Perfex
Mar. 11~12th, 2015 Enova Show, Toulouse Salon ENOVA, stand Perfex
Oct. 21~23rd, 2014 SIANE Show, Toulouse Salon SIANE 2014 : Stand Perfex
Oct. 2cd, 2014 Mecanic Vallée Show, Decazeville Salon Mecanic Vallée 2014 : stand Perfex
Sept. 23~26th, 2014 Micronora Show, Besançon  
Sept. 19~21th, 2014 Aéroadour Show, Pau AéroAdour 2014 : Stand huvitz + perfex
Oct. 23~25th, 2012 SIANE Show, Toulouse  
Oct. 4th, 2012 Mecanic Vallée Show, Figeac  

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