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Short Term Rental

Some companies and educational or research organizations are regularly facing punctual needs for microscopy equipment. They then face a financing (and sometimes storing) problem because the foreseen use for this equipment does not justify such an investment. That's when Perfex services may come handy with our whole range of rental equipment. Whether you need a dozen stereo-microscopes for a one time class or an HDMI camera connected directly to a 1m diagonal HD, we have a solution for you.

An example

A National Agency specialized, among other things, in food safety had identified a recurrent need for stereo-microscopes. As they were holding annual training sessions, they regularly needed a few stereo-microscopes for a period of one week.
After consultation with the trainer, an agreement was reached on a one week rental of 5 Perfex PRO-10 stereo-microscopes with 2 HDMI microscopy cameras. The equipment was delivered by carrier to the training site and the installation was handled by the trainer. Once the session was over, the devices were simply returned to us by carrier. Considering the quality and simplicity of use of our equipment, the agency is planning to renew this rental for the next training session.


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