Work Stations

Perfex is able to offer you complete and integrated solutions to meet your inspection and non-destructive testing needs. After studying your requirements, we will select together the most suitable equipments.

The opposite image shows us a solution set up within an electronics engineering company. Each element has been carefully selected to best meet their technical requirements while optimizing the ergonomics of the workstation for greater user comfort.

We have here a very good example of the type of service we can offer. Designing work stations for our clients has become one of our specialties. We are now used to solving problems such as:

Fighting cervical pains and improving
work stations ergonomics.
Finding the most suitable instruments for
the intended observations and measures
Integrating our solutions into your digital chain
(archiving, communication, processing, analysis…)

A complete solution example: Digital color camera + stereo-microscope + Lighting LED ring + granite stand + adjustable vacuum table

Because each customer has specific requirements, the first step is always to initiate a dialog to take into account you specific needs. Do not hesitate to contact us:

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Some Examples

Station de travail, exemple 1
Restoration station comprising a stereo-microscope and a remote articulated arm. (© Vitraux d'art Debongnie s.p.r.l)
Station de travail, exemple 3
HD microscopy station : motorized 1000x microscope, transmitted and reflected light sources, 50fps HD camera, software, PC and 4K screen.
Station de travail, exemple 2
Observation station for less than 1mm diameter capillaries : optical component, lighting source, camera, software, PC and screen.
Station de travail, exemple 4

The optical experience